PS4 Rest Mode Power Consumption

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) console offers a convenient feature known as “rest mode,” allowing players to suspend their gaming sessions and resume them later. While rest mode provides convenience, many users are curious about its power consumption and potential impact on their electricity bills.

In this article, we will explore the power consumption of the PS4 in rest mode and discuss various aspects related to it.

Understanding Power Consumption

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Power Consumption in Active Mode

When the PS4 is actively running a game or performing tasks, it consumes a significant amount of power. The hardware components, such as the CPU and GPU, require substantial energy to deliver a smooth gaming experience. However, power consumption varies depending on the intensity of the game and the system’s settings.

Power Consumption in Rest Mode

Rest mode is a low-power state designed to conserve energy while allowing quick resumption of gaming. In this mode, the PS4 uses considerably less power compared to the active mode. It enters a sleep-like state, where it maintains essential functions while consuming minimal energy. However, it’s important to note that power consumption in rest mode is not zero, as the console remains partially active.

Factors Affecting Power Consumption in Rest Mode

Several factors can influence the power consumption of the PS4 in rest mode. These include:

  1. Connected peripherals: USB devices, such as controllers or headsets, that remain connected can draw power even in rest mode.
  2. Background processes: Certain system processes, such as network connectivity or system updates, may continue to run in rest mode, consuming additional power.
  3. Settings and configurations: Custom settings, such as automatic downloads or updates, can affect power consumption during rest mode.

Benefits of Rest Mode

Rest mode offers several advantages beyond power consumption reduction. Let’s explore some of its benefits:

Quick Resume Feature

One of the notable advantages of rest mode is the quick resume feature. When you suspend a game and enter rest mode, the console retains the game’s state in its memory. This allows you to quickly resume your gaming session without needing to restart the game or load a saved file.

Automatic Updates and Downloads

While in rest mode, the PS4 can automatically download updates for games and system software. This ensures that you have the latest patches and enhancements ready when you’re ready to play. It also saves time by eliminating the need to manually initiate downloads.

Charging Peripherals

Rest mode enables you to charge your PS4 peripherals, such as controllers or virtual reality (VR) headsets, using the console’s USB ports. This feature is particularly useful when you want to charge your devices overnight or during extended periods of rest mode.

Power Saving Tips in PS4 Rest Mode Power Consumption

To optimize power consumption in rest mode, consider the following tips:

Adjusting Settings for Power Saving

Within the PS4 settings, you can configure various power-saving options. For example, enabling the “Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off” feature allows you to set a time limit for the console to automatically power off after a period of inactivity. Adjusting these settings can help conserve power when the console is in rest mode.

Limiting Background Processes

The PS4’s system settings provide options to limit background processes during rest mode. By disabling features such as automatic downloads or uploads, you can reduce the power consumption associated with these activities. Consider enabling these options only when necessary.

Disconnecting Unnecessary Devices

If you’re not using any peripherals or USB devices while the console is in rest mode, consider disconnecting them. This prevents them from drawing unnecessary power and further reduces overall power consumption.

Comparing Power Consumption with Other Gaming Consoles

It can be helpful to compare the power consumption of the PS4 in rest mode with similar gaming consoles. The table below provides a comparison of power consumption for popular gaming consoles in rest mode:

ConsolePower Consumption in Rest Mode
PlayStation 4 (PS4)Moderate
Xbox Series X/SSimilar to PS4
Nintendo SwitchLower

Measuring Power Consumption

To gain a better understanding of the power consumption of your PS4 in rest mode, you can utilize tools for measuring power usage. Power meters or smart plugs with power monitoring capabilities can provide real-time data on the console’s power consumption. By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions regarding power usage and adjust your console settings accordingly.

Addressing Common Concerns

Overheating Issues in Rest Mode

Some users may express concerns about the PS4 overheating while in rest mode. However, the rest mode feature is designed to prevent overheating by regulating the console’s temperature. As long as the console is placed in a well-ventilated area and not covered, the likelihood of overheating issues in rest mode is minimal.

Impact on Electricity Bills

While the PS4 does consume power in rest mode, its overall impact on electricity bills is relatively low. The power consumption in this mode is significantly lower than during active gameplay sessions. However, if you’re particularly concerned about power usage, following the power-saving tips mentioned earlier can help minimize any potential impact on your electricity bills.


Rest mode on the PS4 offers convenience and power-saving capabilities. While power consumption in rest mode is not zero, it is considerably lower compared to active gameplay sessions. Understanding the factors that affect power consumption, utilizing power-saving settings, and measuring power usage can help optimize the console’s energy efficiency. By utilizing rest mode effectively, you can enjoy quick resume functionality, automatic updates, and charging convenience while minimizing power consumption.


Does rest mode on the PS4 consume any power?

Yes, rest mode on the PS4 consumes a small amount of power. While significantly lower than during active gameplay, the console remains partially active in this mode.

Can I charge my controllers while the PS4 is in rest mode?

Yes, you can charge your PS4 controllers and other peripherals using the console’s USB ports while in rest mode.

Does the PS4 overheat in rest mode?

Rest mode is designed to regulate the console’s temperature and prevent overheating. However, it’s important to ensure proper ventilation by placing the console in a well-ventilated area.

Can I measure the power consumption of my PS4 in rest mode?

Yes, you can utilize power meters or smart plugs with power monitoring capabilities to measure the real-time power consumption of your PS4 in rest mode.

How does the power consumption of the PS4 in rest mode compare to other gaming consoles?

The power consumption of the PS4 in rest mode is comparable to that of other gaming consoles, such as the Xbox Series X/S. However, handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch tend to have lower power consumption in sleep mode.

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